It’s January 2nd,  and it’s the start of the meet and greet season as I call it. Starting today and for the next eight weeks, my company will attend 14 state conventions across the US. It’s a time when we get face to face with our customers and prospects and try to sell them product as well as test new product and service ideas.

I have always thought highly of Steve Blank’s Customer Validation model that says that you need to get out into the market to test the viability of new product ideas.  And I can think of no better place to do this and get a lot of advice quickly then at conferences and conventions that cater to your target market.

At these event, within a day or two,  you can generate a lot of feed back about your product and idea. And if you spend time at the bar, after the sessions are over, you can get the real real feed back. Trade shows are an excellent  resource for getting product feedback and should be high on a entrepreneur’s to-do list when developing and testing the viability of a new product.